Full Spectrum CBG/CBD oil 1000 mg (10%) CBG 500 mg (5%) CBD 10 ml

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Full Spectrum CBG/CBD oil 1000 mg (10%) CBG 500 mg (5%) CBD 10 ml

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CBG stands for cannabigerol and is a cannabinoid just like CBD (cannabidiol). CBG works well with CBD and can help improve concentration and can help against stress, among other things. CBG is also anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It can also help reduce anxiety and depression. Our CBG-CBD oil consists of 10% CBG and 5% CBD. These support and reinforce each other for a better result. The CBG-CBD Oil 10% 5% is extremely suitable for people with serious complaints and who have been familiar with the use of the Oil for some time. It offers support for your mental and physical health or purely for preventive use.

CBG-CBD oil is made with MCT oil from fractionated coconut oil. MCT oil increases the bioavailability of CBD (the amount of active content that enters your bloodstream). Any supplement taken orally makes its way through the stomach and intestine before reaching the liver and eventually entering the bloodstream. At each stage of this process, some of the active ingredient is lost in the process. Ultimately, less CBG-CBD enters the bloodstream. MCT Oil passes through the digestive system much faster than other carrier oils because MCT does not require bile salts to be digested. This thus increases the amount of CBG-CBD reaching the bloodstream. Ingredients: MCT oil Bulletproof and CBG-CBD isolate.

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