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If you want the assurance of spare parts in that time of need, the DynaKit: Basic is ideal for obtaining all the replacement parts used with most DynaVap devices. Both types of O-rings are well supplied in case one is lost or broken on the condenser and/or tip of your unit. In addition, three additional screens are provided to replace lost screens. The thick nozzle is not a replacement for a standard part, but can serve as a 14mm waterpiece adapter. The DynaWax will help lubricate the O-rings before assembly and serve as a great wood conditioner. The pipe cleaners are the perfect tool for removing deposits from the device. Two of our classic plastic storage tubes have also been added.

The full list of items in this DynaKit: Basic:

Condenser O-rings (3 pieces)
High temperature O-rings (5 pieces)
Stainless steel CCD (3 pieces)
Thick mouthpiece
Cotton pipe cleaners - hard bristles (5 pieces)
Two plastic storage tubes

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