F4S Cocoa proteins vegan – 600 grams

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F4S Cocoa proteins vegan – 600 grams

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Net content: 600 grams.
User advice:
Add a level scoop to a ¼ liter (or other juice/milk of your choice). Shake well before use. For personal advice, consult a nutritionist.

Proteins from: sunflower, pumpkin, pure cocoa, and lupine, bee pollen, coconut, carob, banana, vanilla and Stevia extract.

Fit4Seasons protein powder is a completely plant-based protein source without artificial additives. We use real cocoa beans for the pure taste. The proteins come from a mix of five sources: pea, sunflower, pumpkin, lupine and pure cocoa. This means you can count on good protein intake. This shake is also low in fat and full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. Not only ideal for recovery after exercise, but also as a daily addition to your diet!

Extra information

You only have one body, and you want to take the best care of it. At Fit4Seasons we understand this like no other. Enjoy the pure cocoa taste without worries! With these delicious 100% vegan cocoa proteins you nourish your body for optimal results inside and outside the gym.

Fit4Seasons protein powder contains only plant-based ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. This low-fat, low-sugar protein shake is rich in amino acids. Not only good for you, thanks to the real cocoa beans, this purely natural protein shake also tastes particularly delicious!

The flavor comes from real cocoa and not artificial flavors. It is not without reason that we have chosen cocoa as a basic ingredient. Cocoa contains essential minerals, a broad amino acid spectrum and is also packed with antioxidants (20 times as many as blueberries!).

Stevia was also chosen as a sweetener, which is 200 times sweeter than granulated sugar, which keeps the shake low in calories and is natural at the same time.

100% vegan cocoa proteins are the perfect choice if you follow a plant-based diet. Each serving contains 13.5 grams of protein from a blend of five sources (pea, sunflower, pumpkin, dark cacao and lupine).

In general, animal proteins have a higher percentage of protein. What is often forgotten is that these are often one-sided. In addition, many vegan proteins are only made from pea and/or rice. Fit4Seasons contains a broad spectrum of proteins and therefore has a much greater range of absorption than other proteins on the market. Fit4Seasons vegetable proteins are better for people and animals!

Also useful: thanks to its fine structure, the protein powder dissolves in no time in your shake, smoothie and in cottage cheese or yoghurt. This way you won't have to worry about lumps anymore!


100% Vegan

100% Organic

Lactose and soy free

RAW cacao is a superfood


Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Low in fat and sugar

Delicious in shakes, smoothies and cottage cheese

Only 113 Kcal per portion!


Keep out of reach of children.
Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have health problems.
Store at room temperature in a dark place.

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