Grinder Runtz XL 61.5mm Black
Grinder Runtz XL 61.5mm Black

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Grinder Runtz XL 61.5mm Black

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Colour black
Material: Aluminium
Number of parts: 4
Diameter: 61.5mm
Height: 41.5mm

The grinder consists of 4 parts: the lid with sturdy magnet, the grinding disc with high-quality cutting teeth, the pollen sieve and the bottom. With a diameter of 40 mm and a height of 32.5 mm, the Grinder is also very easy to carry. The premium quality radiates!

In addition to the grinder, you will also receive a handy scraper to easily remove the last leftovers. This means you don't have to waste smoking material.

Components :

  • Lid with magnet
  • Grinding disk
  • Pollen sieve
  • Bottom / collection tray
  • Scraper
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