HHC + HHCP oil 20% 2000mg (10ml)

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HHC + HHCP oil 20% 2000mg (10ml)

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HHCP distillate is 33 times more potent than HHC Although the potency of HHCP distillate is similar to that of HHC, the effects are different.

Consumers report that the high of this compound is delayed compared to that of HHC. They report feelings of relaxation, increased appetite and euphoria. They also experience increased thirst. The effects are generally temporary, lasting one to four hours.

The main difference between HHC and HHCP distillate is their molecular structure. HHCP is made of hydrogenated delta-8 oil, which has a molecular chain of seven carbon atoms, while HHC has a chain of five carbon atoms. Unlike HHC, HHCP has a longer half-life in the body, meaning it remains active for two or three months. This makes HHCP distillate a popular ingredient for both medical and recreational products.

However, if you are worried about its side effects, you might want to look for another cannabis product. It is a rare cannabinoid that has a higher psychoactive effect than any other Cannabinoid so far known.

It is more effective in treating pain than THC. A chemical compound in cannabis called HHCP is more psychoactive than THC, and certainly just as effective. They claim it kills cancer cells more effectively than other cannabinoids and it is legal in many countries.

It is also used to treat various conditions and is a popular choice for alternative medicine. The process of hydrogenation makes HHCP distillate more stable. The process replaces double bonds that are vulnerable to oxidation and increases the molecular weight. It also makes HHC less susceptible to damage. The result is a drug that is more effective in treating pain than THC. Although there are currently no clinical trials comparing the two substances, their findings are promising with Biological MCT.

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