Natural terpenes Girl Scout Cookies Connoisseur Concentrates (1 ml)

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Natural terpenes Girl Scout Cookies Connoisseur Concentrates (1 ml)

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About CBD

The popularity of the cannabis component CBD has increased enormously in recent years. Not surprising because CBD has many positive properties for body and mind. Let's take a step back: what exactly is CBD? CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is an active substance that occurs in hemp and cannabis. CBD and THC are the two main components (also called cannabinoids) in marijuana. You could say that CBD is THC's lesser-known brother.

One possible reason THC is more well known is that it is found in higher amounts in cannabis and is more psychoactive. That is to say: THC is largely responsible for the feeling of being 'high'. CBD, on the other hand, is less psychoactive. CBD can influence the effect of THC. This is beneficial because thanks to CBD, the adverse effects of THC (such as feelings of anxiety, restlessness, lack of control and an excessive feeling of being 'high') can be reduced.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD has a beneficial effect on health. This cannabinoid makes you calmer and more confident. Chances are that you will experience a better night's sleep and have more energy during the day. Furthermore, CBD is good for strong bones, a good mood and healthy intestinal flora. CBD is also used for depression, ADHD and physical illnesses such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

One of the main features of CBD is that it is non-addictive. Too good to be true? We are happy to convince you of the wonder drug CBD. Interested in the CBD products from All Natural Shop? Take a look at our webshop and order your CBD.

When should you not use CBD?

Despite the beneficial health effects, the use of CBD is not recommended for pregnant women. Women who are breastfeeding should also avoid using CBD. It is not yet entirely certain to what extent CBD is harmful to the unborn child and newborns.

How do I use CBD?

Medicinal CBD is usually provided in liquid form. You buy it in a bottle. Always adhere to the recommended dosage. Before using CBD oil, the bottle must be shaken. Apply the liquid under the tongue and make sure it stays there for at least half a minute before swallowing the CBD. This way the active substances can be absorbed into the blood as quickly and properly as possible and you achieve the optimal effect.

Cannabis (organic). More than two years were spent producing this profile to make it worthy of the GSC name. Earthy, mild, sweet cannabis notes blend into a Cannabis terpene profile with gentle notes of real Girl Scout biscuits.

Terpene profile analysis


How does it smell?

Sweet, gassy, ​​OG

What you taste when you smoke it

Girl Scout Cookies is a partially mixed strain, the flavors blend well together, but you will have different flavors at different points of your inhale and exhale. Earthy at first, then a clean, sweet, mild cannabis flavour


Terpenes are volatile substances that are flammable. Terpenes occur in plants in certain percentages and can be of great benefit to both plants and humans. In our products, however, terpenes are present in concentrated form, which can cause irritation or danger if the dosage is too high and/or undiluted. Terpenes should be diluted before use. In undiluted form, skin irritation or allergic skin reaction may occur. Rinse skin with water in case of irritation. May be hazardous in undiluted form if concentrated substance enters respiratory tract if swallowed. If swallowed, call a doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting!


Each handcrafted terpene profile contains a combination of terpenes selected from the list below:

Alpha Pinene | Beta Pinene | Myrcene | Ocimene | Terpineol | Beta Caryophyllene | Humulene | Linalool | Limonene | Terpinolene | Valencene | Geranoil | Phellandrene | Terpinene | Borneol | Phytol | Sabinese | Carene | Fenchol | Bisabolol | Camphene | Camphor | Menthol | Nerolidol | Eucalyptol