Slurricane feminized 5 seeds – CC

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Slurricane feminized 5 seeds – CC

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genetics: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
crossing: Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch
Indoor Flowering Time: 56/63 days
indoor height: 100-140cm
indoor yield: 450-650/sqm
Outdoor lifecycle: September-October
Outdoor height: 200-250cm
Outdoor Yield: 600-1000g/plant
THC percentage: 24-28%
Slurricane is a slightly more indica dominant hybrid created by the cross of two powerhouse US strains the Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch. Both cultivars are one of favorites among the cannabis community. The marriage of both could only mean a combo of genetics that will guarantee amazing quality end product. The initial breeders of Slurricane, the In-House Genetics are known for their passionate approach towards the cannabis plant and were responsible for some other fire crosses out there.

The name Slurricane comes from an alcoholic beverage/cocktail which is known in the US mostly due to it being created by a famous Bay Area, San Francisco rapper. It is a reference to the infamous line- “Hurricane, you can call me Sluricane” and the drink has become a party hit because it tends to pack the punch. Hence a part of it being the famous Purple Punch cultivar which is being often used in modern US hybrids due to it bringing a lot of extra yield and indica effect, and a great bag appeal to the crosses. The other half of Slurricane – the Do-Si-Dos needs no introduction either since it has gained its reputation for one of the best strains in recent years. The cross of both of the strains resulted in a cannabis cultivar that will satisfy many. The perfect marriage of an OG dominant Purple Punch with the newer school, Cookie based Do-Si-Dos hits all the sweet spots of any cannaseur. Due to its indica genetics and a strong effect it can be perfectly suitable medicinally in treating depression, anxiety, chronic pain or other nervous system disorders.

Slurricane makes for a beautiful colorful plant with many dark, purple hues and buds covered in trichomes. Thanks to the Purple Punch genetics, the yields are much better than the Do-Si-Dos but still remaining in that Cookie/OG fruity,tart,cakey flavors and aromas. Also, most of the phenotypes will tend to take the Do-Si-Dos' side of things when it comes to the complex and strong but uplifting, blissful and relaxing effects that make you feel just good and are characteristic to the Cookie crosses.
Slurricane is not a difficult plant to grow. It can be fed quite well if needed. The topping and Low Stress Training will definitely help with gaining the maximum yield. If not trained enough it will stretch substantially.

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