HHC oil 20% 2000 mg (10 ml)

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HHC oil 20% 2000 mg (10 ml)


About CBD

The popularity of the cannabis ingredient CBD has skyrocketed in recent years. Not surprisingly, as CBD has many positive properties for the body and mind. Just a step back: what is CBD exactly? CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is an active substance found in hemp and cannabis. CBD and THC are the two main constituents (also called cannabinoids) in marijuana. You could say that CBD is the lesser-known brother of THC.

One possible reason THC is better known is that it is found in greater quantities in cannabis and is more psychoactive. That is, THC is largely responsible for the feeling of being 'high'. CBD, on the other hand, is less psychoactive. CBD can influence the effects of THC. This is beneficial because thanks to CBD, the adverse effects of THC (e.g. feelings of anxiety, restlessness, lack of control and feeling too high) can be reduced.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD has beneficial effects on health. For instance, this cannabinoid makes you calmer and more confident. Chances are you'll experience better sleep and have more energy during the day. Furthermore, CBD is good for strong bones, a good mood and healthy intestinal flora. CBD is also used for depression, ADHD and physical illnesses like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

One of the main features of CBD is that it has no addictive effects. Too good to be true? We would love to convince you of the wonder drug CBD. Interested in the CBD products from All Natural Shop? Take a look in our webshop right away and order your CBD.

When is it better not to use CBD?

Medicinal CBD is usually dispensed in liquid form. You buy it in a bottle. Always stick carefully to the advised dosage. Before using CBD oil, shake the bottle briefly. Apply the liquid under the tongue and make sure it stays there for at least half a minute before swallowing the CBD. This way, the active ingredients can be absorbed into the blood as quickly and well as possible and you will achieve the optimal effect.

HHC olie is de legale versie van THC olie

Wat is HHC Oil?
HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is de meest recente toevoeging aan de CBD Hemp Direct line-up van cannabinoïden. HHC is een gehydrogeneerde vorm van hennep afgeleide Delta-9 THC, waardoor de oorspronkelijke dubbele binding wordt vervangen door waterstof. Het resulterende molecuul is bijna identiek aan Delta-9 en resulteert in extreem vergelijkbare effecten met een iets kortere tijdspanne.

Onze HHC-olie is een van de meest geconcentreerde vormen van HHC die op de markt verkrijgbaar is. In distillaat olie zoals deze kun je het voor verschillende toepassingen gebruiken en de wonderen ervaren die deze nieuwe cannabinoïde bevat, met maximale potentie.

HHC is gewoon legaal in Nederland. Dat het stofje uit THC wordt gewonnen, betekent niet dat het aan dezelfde wetten is overgeleverd als THC. In de HHC die uiteindelijk in het eindproduct zit, zit juist weer géén THC. En daarom is HHC een legaal stofje.
Biologische MCT-olie
Distillaat HHC olie heeft als drager MCT-olie van gefractioneerde kokosolie.
MCT-olie verhoogt de bio beschikbaarheid van HHC (de hoeveelheid actieve inhoud die in uw bloedbaan terecht komt).
Elk supplement dat oraal wordt ingenomen, vindt zijn weg door de maag en darm voordat het de lever bereikt en komt uiteindelijk in de bloedbaan terecht. In elk stadium van dit proces gaat een deel van het actieve ingrediënt verloren in het proces. Uiteindelijk komt er minder HHC in de bloedbaan terecht.
MCT Oil gaat veel sneller door het spijsverteringsstelsel dan andere drageroliën, omdat MCT geen galzouten nodig heeft om te worden verteerd. Dit verhoogt dus de hoeveelheid HHC die de bloedbaan bereikt.

What is HHC Oil?

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is the most recent addition to the CBD Hemp Direct line-up of cannabinoids. HHC is a hydrogenated form of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, replacing the original double bond with hydrogen. The resulting molecule is almost identical to Delta-9 and results in extremely similar effects with a slightly shorter time span.

Our HHC oil is one of the most concentrated forms of HHC available on the market. In distillate oil like this one, you can use it for various applications and experience the wonders this new cannabinoid contains, with maximum potency.

HHC is simply legal in the Netherlands. Just because the substance is extracted from THC does not mean it is at the mercy of the same laws as THC. On the contrary, the HHC ultimately contained in the final product does not contain THC. And that is why HHC is a legal substance. Organic MCT oil. Distillate HHC oil has as carrier MCT oil from fractionated coconut oil.

MCT oil increases the bioavailability of HHC (the amount of active content that enters your bloodstream).

Any supplement taken orally finds its way through the stomach and intestine before reaching the liver and eventually entering the bloodstream. At each stage of this process, some of the active ingredient is lost in the process. Eventually, less HHC enters the bloodstream.

MCT Oil passes through the digestive system much faster than other carrier oils because MCT does not require bile salts to be digested. This therefore increases the amount of HHC reaching the bloodstream.